• The tamariki have been enjoying focusing on the alphabet this term, learning the sound each letter makes and how to form the letters when writing. Today, the tamariki were looking at the letter ‘f’, practising writing the handle and bar to form this letter.
  • The ropes, in a variety of lengths and widths were very popular outside in the garden this morning, as the tamariki experimented and explored with many ways to incorporate them into play.


  • The tamariki were able to identify different objects in their world that started with the letter ‘f’, including fish, flower, four and fingers. Keke noticed when writing the letter ‘f’ that the handle had a similar appearance to a cane. Communication/Mana Reo – Use of a large vocabulary and complex syntax, awareness of sounds in words, rhythm and rhyme, recognition of some letters and print concepts and interest in storytelling in one or more languages and in reading and writing.
  • As the tamariki pulled and tested the strength of the rope lengths, they were able to ascertain the types of play they could incorporate them into…pulling each other up the slide, tug of war, harnessed ponies, etc… Exploration/Mana Reo- Children develop the confidence to choose and experiment with materials, to play around with ideas, and to explore actively with all the senses.


  • Let’s continue to build on our knowledge on letters by looking at the letter ‘g’ on Wednesday.
  • I wonder what other ways we could incorporate the ropes into play and learning?