• This morning the tamariki worked collaboratively to solve a large ocean-themed jigsaw puzzle. They took turns putting the pieces together and shared the space beautifully.
  • We have an exciting new gross motor challenge on the grass at kindy…climbing boxes joined by a rainbow shaped set of monkey bars!


  • As the tamariki collaborated on the jigsaw puzzle, they were building on their social and communicative skills, learning to listen and respond to each-others thoughts and ideas. They discussed the different marine creatures on the pieces, sharing the patterns and animals they were looking for, then searching as a team to find the pieces that matched. Through this collaborative play the tamariki are developing in their confidence to work in group settings and are exposed to a variety of different points of view. Contribution/Mana Tangata – Children develop respect for children who are different from themselves and ease of interaction with them.
  • The tamariki were so excited and eager to explore and challenge themselves on the new climbing apparatus. They crawled, climbed, jumped and swung all over it, testing their gross motor muscle strength, coordination, balance and agility. Physically active play/korikori such as this, promotes our children’s mental and emotional health as well as their physical well-being. Exploration/Mana Aoturoa- Children gain confidence in and control of their bodies.


  • Maybe we could try solving some more challenging puzzles with a larger number of pieces.
  • I wonder what other sorts of things we can do with our tinana on the new climbing frame?