• The tamariki were keen to put their engineer hats on today, building a variety of intricate vehicles with the Mobilo, including trains and a monster truck!
  • Rice was included in the play this morning, set up with a variety of vehicles, small dinosaurs and spoons, for creative inspiration and exploration.


  • As the tamariki engage in their constructions, they are developing an understanding on the shapes that make up the objects in our world and how these can be connected and combined to construct different machines and vehicles. Although the tamariki chose to engage in constructing independently, they ensured they shared the space around them, making sure everyone received a fair amount of Mobilo pieces. Communication/Mana Reo – Children experience an environment where they discover different ways to be creative and expressive.
  • The tamariki spent a sustained period of time exploring and experimenting with this sensory experience. They poured, sifted and heaped the rice into mounds, buried the dinosaurs and filled the backs of the trucks. Exploration/Mana Aoturoa-Children develop the confidence to choose and experiment with materials, to play around with ideas, and to explore actively with all the senses.


  • Maybe we could construct with the Mobilo collaboratively next time?
  • Perhaps we could try experimenting with cooked rice?