• Margaux and Naomi were shaking rattles together when Arwin came to join their musical band. He put the xylophone down on the floor and started to make some. As they were making lots of sound with musical instruments together, Arwin started singing ‘Twinkle, twinkle little star’ so others started singing and making a sound on the rhythm.
  • This morning we all decided to have a make-believe game in the fire truck, Theo said it needed a hose, so he drew one on a piece of paper and stuck it to the side. He said it needed a door, Kaiko Alyse asked Edward, Hugo, and Morocco if they agreed and they all said, “It needs a door to open and shut”. So, we all attempted to cut a door Edward managed to get it started and Kaiko Alyse used her much bigger scissors to cut through the cardboard. They were all so pleased with the door eager to take turns opening and closing it. Theo decided to play a game where he had a crash with the fire truck, the others were not impressed with that and decided to be policemen they all ended up writing up tickets on the pad paper, Edward gave the ticket to Theo with a warning. The others proceeded to make him a ticket also. Theo decided he was making his own tickets to catch a plane and asked us all how many tickets we would like to fly to Fiji.


  • Tamariki were simply enjoying making the sound by using musical instruments at start but once they started singing a song, they could shake rattles and tap the xylophone on the same rhythm as the song goes. They showed us an amazing sense of rhythm through this activity.
  • Through their make believe game and various roleplays they were each acting out real or anticipated experiences such as the plane tickets or what might happen if someone crashed a car. Through roleplay tamariki are building communication skills and supporting the development of imagination. Belonging/Mana Whenua: Children become increasingly capable of making connections between people, places and things in their world/te waihanga hononga.


  • We would like to introduce more songs and musical instruments to our tamariki to let them explore more with various sounds and songs.
  • We will continue to encourage role play using props that the tamariki make and set ups following on from their interests.