• This afternoon the younger tamariki Mina, Nela, and Sienna were trying to get the ball into the hoop. As I observed I noticed Mina was getting frustrated when she missed the hoop, so she then used her own ingenuity as she walked over to pick up a chair and placed it directly under the hoop she then reached up and popped the ball in very satisfied with the outcome. The other tamariki soon gave it a go too, it wasn’t long before they all became very competitive, each trying to claim a spot on a chair to get their ball in first. Nela then reached up with his ball in one hand aiming it directly at the hoop while feet were firmly planted on the ground and got it in first pop, he then continued and got it in again and again, well done Nela you have quite an arm swing and aim on you think we are looking at a possible future in a ball sport of some kind.


  • It was very interesting to watch an observe the different personalities that each of the tamariki have some are so determined to get the ball in to the hoop that they must find a way to achieve the task, while others were happy to just give it a go, some had such an amazing natural hand eye coordination and aim, through this experience the tamariki are practicing turn taking, practicing special awareness and working cooperatively with each other while they wait for their turn. They are also practicing their gross motor skills. Exploration/Mana aotūroa: Children become increasingly capable of moving confidently and challenging themselves physically/ te wero ā-tinana.


  • We will continue to offer opportunities for the tamariki to practice ball skills and turn taking.