• This week we have noticed an interest in painting and cleaning up the yard. Today the tamariki decided to role play that they were a cleaning company, we had people busy sweepy, cutting down trees, and painters. They found all sorts of different sized containers and using the funnel for some of the smaller bottles took turns filling them up.
  • A bunch of flowering Pohutukawa were provided with green and red pastels and felts on an art table this morning, as visual provocation, and inspiration for a still life drawing experience.


  • The tamariki are showing contribution/mana tangata as they work together and are inclusive of everyone in their play. They were also practicing their hand eye coordination as they carefully pouring into the different sized containers and practiced their pre mathematics skills as they measured and estimated size and volume.
  • The tamariki took their time with this mahi-a-rongo, peaceful pursuit. They examined the texture and physical properties of the bright red flowers, the rough stalks and the tiny green Pohutukawa buds. After concentrated observation, they then created their own unique versions of what they saw. Communication/Mana Reo- Tamariki discover and develop different ways to be creative and expressive.


  • We will continue to encourage roleplay through set ups and props.
  • We will provide further opportunities for still life drawing next week.