• This afternoon we made kimbap (Korean sushi roll). Bae introduced us to the Korean words “Kim is seaweed” and “Bap means rice”. Then she introduced us to more ingredients Pickled radish, cucumber, egg and ham. She explained about which side to put the rice on the seaweed. With the rice on the seaweed each tamariki placed their choice of ingredients before rolling it into a roll. Some could not wait for a kaiako to cut their roll into pieces and ate it in a whole roll. Some made a second kimbap as they seemed to enjoy the first one so much.
  • A dance show was created and the tamariki lined up the chairs. Rose asked for ballet music and then danced for all the tamariki in the audience. Then she asked for different music. Now with Jazz music playing she preformed a new dance. Many other tamariki did a show as well by dressing up and dancing.


  • The tamariki were excited about making sushi. Some of the tamariki already knew about the shiny and ruff side of the seaweed. It was so wonderful getting to make something that is so familiar. Tiffany was able to share something from her own culture. Belonging/Mana Whenua: Children become increasingly capable of making connections between people, places and things in their world/te waihanga hononga.
  • They planned and set up the show on their own. They knew how to place the chairs for everyone to watch and have room for dancing. Rose knew what music she required for the type of dancing she want to express. She is showing a prior knowledge of dance shows and dance music. Communication/Mana reo: Children become increasingly capable of expressing their feelings and ideas using a wide range of materials and modes/ he korero auaha.


  • We welcome any tamariki and their whanau to share recipes from their culture with us at kindy.
  • We will continue to support the tamariki in their interest in play and exploration.