• Our tamariki, especially our younger ones, have really enjoyed challenging themselves on some of our obstacle courses last Friday and today. We’ve had a ramp going up to the wooden reel, a plank across to the next wooden reel and another ramp back down to the ground. Some hoops, a tunnel and a line of tires joined this all up into a circular course. Naomi, Mia and Jack have all thoroughly enjoyed the ramps and wooden reel’s part. Throughout the morning, we observed how they would start off crawling on their hands and knees up, across and down. And then as their confidence grew, they slowly started to stand up during their travels.


  • During this exploration with the obstacle course, our tamariki are gaining confidence in and control of their bodies (Te Whariki, Exploration). They are also taking their own learning into their own hands by challenging themselves further by standing up, gathering their balance and feeling big and brave!


  • We will continue to set up various physical courses for our tamariki to extend themselves physically and in their confidence.