• This morning the tamariki seemed to enjoy exploring the dinosaur gloop. It was half wet half powdery Petra was exploring the textures as she mixed the powder mixture into the water to change the consistency. As the day went on the gloop mixture started to dry up again and Hugh and Penelope were enjoying making gloop balls, they were fascinated by the way the gloop balls fell through their hands. 
  • During the hottest part of the day, the tamariki often like to be inside doing table top activity where its cool and calming. Today it seemed to be that drawing was the popular activity to partake in.


  • Through this experience the tamariki were learning science as they played and explored the different textures, they were also learning how adding liquid to powder can changed its consistency and when in dries it turns back into powder again. Te Whariki- exploration/mana aoturoa as they are playing, imagining, inventing, and experimenting.
  • It was interesting to observe the difference in drawings and the age and stage our tamariki are at. The younger friends drawings usually have a lot of scribble-like creations on the page, we see over time that these scribbles become more controlled, as they form lines, loops, and somewhat wobbly circles. These forms later develop into writing skills, which is a crucial benefit of drawing for tamariki of all ages. As tamariki get closer to school age, they learn to draw various shapes, even combining those to form representations of people, letter-like shapes, and other basic images. It was great to see a lot of friends staying at the table for a long period of time, making sure to complete the whole drawing. They were then excited to roll it up and put in their bags for taking home to show their whanau. Communication|mana reo: tamariki experience an environment where they discover and develop different ways to be creative and expressive.


  • We will continue to set up messy play experiences for the tamariki to explore.
  • Maybe we can find a spot for drawing outside in the shade next time.