• The tamariki were excited to find colour mixing for the second day in a row, although it was new to the tamariki who don’t attend kindy on a Monday. There were the three primary colours again, and before the tamariki got stuck in, the kaiako demonstrated how to mix the colours.
  • Different types of outlines, designs, pictures and patterns on paper were set up with scissors this morning to encourage and support scissor cutting practice and fine motor dexterity.


  • As the tamariki played and explored with the different colours they were developing their knowledge, refining their working theories and learning about early science concepts. The tamariki were heard and seen observing, predicting, and comparing with each other about the different colours. After the colour mixing fun they were eager again to make the most of this mixed up paint and use it to cover their bodies including their arms, legs and face, making the most of this sensory experience. Exploration | Mana Aoturoa: tamariki experience an environment where they develop working theories for making sense of the natural, social, physical and material worlds.
  • The tamariki spent a sustained period of time manipulating their arm/hand/fingers in an accurate grip, determined to move the scissors along the lines. They demonstrated patience and perseverance, adjusting their grip and motion where required and so proud of their success. Exploration/Mana Aoturoa- Children develop strategies for actively exploring and making sense of the world by using their bodies, incl active exploration with all the senses, and the use of tools, materials, and equipment to extend skills.


  • Maybe we could bring this colour mixing experiments inside next time.
  • We will continue to provide tools and materials to help support and maintain scissor cutting success.