• The tamariki enjoyed lots of fun with water play/kori kori wai today. It was a little cold in the morning, so they started off with enjoying the bubbly wai in the water trough. There was lots of science and maths concepts being explored during this experience.
  • The Lightbox was reintroduced to the tamariki today, lit up on a small table with a range of coloured reflective pieces available for experimentation with.


  • There was lots of joy and laughter had by all. Kori kori wai is a fun, soothing activity where tamariki can play and learn alone or with others, all tamariki of all ages can take part in this activity. There are so many benefits that come with this type of play including the development of early maths concepts- measurement, estimation and volume and early science concepts- floating, sinking and gravity. It is also a great activity that allows tamariki to learn to share and cooperate with others. Exploration | Mana Aoturoa: tamariki gain confidence in and control of their bodies, and they learn strategies foe active exploration, thinking and reasoning.
  • The tamariki were entranced by the way the light reflected and illuminated the coloured beads, discs, vials and glass, creating rainbow patterns. They explored and experimented with each reflective pieces, doubling up discs to create other colours and illuminations. When tamariki engage in Science/pūtaio, they develop a perception of themselves as ‘explorers’-competent, confident learners, who ask questions and make discoveries- Te Whariki 2017


  • I wonder if the tamariki might like to have the water trough placed on the grass next time.
  • I wonder what other reflective materials we can experiment with on the light table.