• Our tamariki from both Huero and Puawai are showing growing interest in caring for baby dolls. Today, Nico, Ella Georgia and Margaux spent time in the Huero kitchen preparing food for their babies. Margaux and Ella took leading roles in sharing their ideas on what babies enjoy eating such as porridge, mashed corn and bananas. Ella shared that babies don’t have teeth so they need soft food to eat. Nico took a more supportive role and followed along with sorting, mixing and serving up food during his exploration of the Huero kitchen.


  • This interest in role play and caring for babies is an excellent way for our tamariki to share their nurturing and gentle sides. It’s great to see our them learning from and with one another using tuakana/ teina relationships too, as when they include one another in play, they are helping one another feel involved, and building each other’s sense of belonging.


  • Keeping the baby dolls out and around the kitchen space, we could add a high chair and some other little accessories so our tamariki may revisit this experience with more resources to recreate kai time with ngā pēpi (babies). Perhaps adding a bed or cot or other furniture in a space close by (but still inside huero room) might encourage some new routine flowing to or from meal kai for pēpi. More discussion with tamariki about this would be great to follow.

Ma’u ha ‘aho fiefie Nela! Nela turned 3 today and had a blast celebrating this special milestone with our kindy whānau.  Ofa lahi atu Taniela.