Session Enrolments

At Pohutukawa Kindergarten we believe that children grow and develop very quickly during the early childhood years. Each age group has specific needs and abilities by modifying the activities and experiences offered during the sessions we can best meet the individual needs of your child’s various developmental stages.

Pohutukawa Kindergarten teachers acknowledge the value of the tuakana-teina relationship where the more experience child plays with and supports younger or less experienced child. Our aspiration is that your child will grow with an interest in learning, have a positive self- esteem, and a strong sense of personal worth.


The focus is on children who are beginning to learn separation from primary caregivers. These sessions encourage and increase independence and self-confidence, whilst delivering constructive strategies for coping with change. Activities are structured such that young children feel success and achievement on an individual basis. Routines are in place to provide security and allow for growing familiarity for an environment outside the family home.

These sessions run each morning from 8.30 to 12.45.

Blossom Sessions

During these sessions the environment is planned to allow children to work both as individuals and also in small groups. There are more opportunities for children to plan activities and make decisions about the experiences that are offered.

As your child gains confidence learning alongside peers, social skills will develop such as sharing, co-operation, listening skills, problem solving, critical thinking and increasing independence.

These sessions run each day from 8.30 – 2.30

Afternoon Programme

The time is full of fun activities, focusing on developing listening skills and independence, as well as self-help and self-care skills for eating, drinking and toileting. Children will be involved in mat times and large group activities, where collaboration will breed comfort and success.

It is not our aim to have your child proficiently reading or writing, but rather to be prepared and grounded in the foundation skills necessary to learn to read and write. Some of these skills include

  • following three step instructions,
  • having the confidence to ask questions,
  • enhanced social skills for making friendships,
  • developing enquiry skills to gain further understanding,
  • working independently to complete a task.

In the transition to school, where large group sizes exist and increased independence is required, your child will have acquired the necessary skills for moving forward.

These sessions are run for those interested during the Blossom sessions.