• The tamariki were using their bodies physically in the outdoor area today. A lot of them were particularly practicing their balance and coordination skills. They had fun climbing across ramps and coordinating the big digger and big truck.
  • Working with the small hammers and nails in the hammering mosaics activity, allowed the tamariki to both utilise and further refine their fine motor, coordination skills.


  • Moving and challenging ourselves physically is very important for keeping ourselves healthy. When tamariki move their bodies while playing and enjoying the experience and activities they are gaining positive attitudes towards physical exercise especially for later in life. Our tamariki were also learning social skills as they had to take turns using the various equipment. Exploration: tamariki develop increasing control over their bodies and increasing knowledge about how to keep physically healthy.
  • In order to accurately secure the shaped mosaic pieces to their board, the tamarik demonstrated dispositional perseverance as they attempted, adjusted and added pressure to the hammers to secure the nails and pieces in place. This skill requires not only perseverance, but hand/eye coordination, focus, agility and balance, as well as strength in finger, hand and arm muscles. Te Ao Maori Concept of Taha Tinana– I challenge myself physically.


  • I wonder what challenges we could set up for next week.
  • Let’s try the bigger hammers, nails, vices, spirit levels and screwdrivers next week!