Our Philosophy

We believe that each child is an individual with unique strengths, interests and character. We will endeavor to support each child and their family/whanau to grow to their full potential through positive relationships, an engaging environment, and a stimulating, challenging series of programmes.

Our Philosophy

Your child is a person in his/her own right with innate abilities and interests. A child is not an empty vessel waiting to be filled, but is a capable being who develops through positive, reciprocal relationships with peers and adults. Equal opportunities exist within Pohutukawa Kindergarten for all children regardless of their gender, cultural identity, family/whanau background, religious beliefs or abilities.

In order to achieve our mission, Pohutukawa Kindergarten educarers* will acknowledge each child as unique, taking the time to know individual interests and strengths, and to form a relationship with the child and the child’s family/whanau. Pohutukawa Kindergarten educarers will then plan a programme of activities and experiences that will enhance and extend the skills and knowledge already possessed by the child with whom they are working. We recognise and promote positive social interactions.

As reflected in the founding belief of RIE, children are encouraged to respect themselves, other people, and the environment. We aim to ensure each child has a positive experience at Pohutukawa Kindergarten, to feel acknowledged as an individual, supported as a learner, and enriched with skills and abilities to make a positive contribution to society.

Te Wheke is a holistic model of well-being and development based on a Maori world view. The model is based on eight dimensions that are reflected in our philosophy.

* As based on the philosophy of the Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE) programme – Magda Gerber

“We should educate while we care and care while we educate”