Ellerslie Term One 2023

A reminder that news time is a chance to share experiences your child has had outside of kindy. If a prompt is required some ideas include a shell, feather, or perhaps a drawing. You may even wish to provide a photo. If needed, teachers are able to print a single photo or previously prepared news page if sent before 8am on the Monday morning.

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Ellerslie Term Three 2022

Mosaic Wednesdays- This term, our Wednesday activity will centre around a creation by the tamariki of some large mosaic pavers for our outdoor garden area. The tamariki will plan, draw, design and then create each paver in accordance with connections to our local curriculum/community.

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Ellerslie Term Two 2022

Well-Being/Mana Atua-Te Whariki- Children experience an environment where their health and well being are protected and nurtured. In accordance with our curriculum, this will be our whole centre focus for the term, culminating in the newly coined ‘Well Being Wednesdays!’  The tamariki will spend time each Wednesday planting, caring for and harvesting from the garden, baking and learning about nourishing food for our bodies and enjoy regular mat time yoga sessions on these days.

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Glendowie Term Three 2022

With our numbers growing, we are now at the stage where we are going to split our tamariki into the Huero Room (seedling) and Puāwai room (blossom). This has already started by where your child is putting their bags in the morning. (Puāwai children hooks are now outside in the covered deck area).

This term we will be implementing separate mat-times and kai times as well! During the morning and after morning tea, each play space will be available to all children as per normal.

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Glendowie Term Two 2022

Te Whāriki (Early Childhood Curriculum) Te Whāriki is our basis for Early Education and what we as a team and Kindergarten refer to in all that we do. Each newsletter we will share one of the 5 ‘strands’ with you. Contribution: Children will experience an environment where learning opportunities are equitable, and each child’s contribution is valued. This is through collaboration with peers and kaiako, to support one another to actively participate in learning with and alongside others.

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Glendowie Term One 2022

Summer is now at full strength and children are required to wear a hat if they wish to play outside. Please bring a named hat for your child, which you can leave in our hat box if you wish.

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